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It has been nearly five years since the last update on my homepage because of the troublesome stuff of maintaining and updating. Time rewinds of using Jekyll for homepage and WordPress for blogging, hosting at https://yezhisheng.com.cn, along with HTTPS/SSL, mail service, Office 365 deployment, SEO optimization, instant click optimization for speed, and CDN for accelerating in Mainland China, in late 2016.

However, the usage and service on these two domains do not stop for a moment. yezhisheng.com.cn is used for delivering static content in Mainland China via Qiniu Cloud and other daily usage of web naming services, e.g. VPN, RDP, NAS. yezhisheng.me is widely used for deploying serverless functions, benefited from the easy usage of Cloudflare Workers.

After learning the lesson of difficulties in maintenance, this time the homepage will be served by static files, free from the trouble of dynamic server maintenance. At this new point in my student life, I look forward to the day when I can not only have a remarkable list of publications but also look forward to being enthusiastic about life again.

Zhisheng YE
Zhisheng YE
DSc in Computer Architecture

My research interests include distributed systems, machine learning systems and resource management, etc.